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Wondrous Space

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Early November 2023, The Franklin Institute (TFI) unveiled their brand-new immersive exhibit gallery, “Wondrous Space”. This space-focused exhibit spans 7,500 SQF across two floors and invites TFI visitors to explore what lies beyond the planet Earth and what can be learned from the vastness of Cosmos. TFI teamed up with MDSX, who led the creative development for the gallery—Beaudry Interactive was responsible for consultation, design refinement, programming & development, and software installation for several of the interactive exhibits featured on the second floor of the gallery.

GRAVITY WELL interactive encourages guests to roll a ball into the funnel of the tabletop well to learn how the forces of gravity influence an object. Beaudry Interactive helped add a new “spin” (pun intended) on this interactive by tracking the orbit of the balls with projection mapping trails that visually captivate and reinforce the learning as guests observe their balls spin down into the funnel.

IN ORBIT OF YOU features a projection-driven experience where guests become their own celestial body with a gravitational force. Using real-time tracking & media effects, guests learn the relationship between mass and gravity by capturing other celestial bodies that come into their gravitational field. The larger the object, the harder it is to pull. Careful not to capture too many objects or you’ll become a black hole!

ASTEROID IMPACT is a fun interactive where guests can launch asteroids into space, using different sizes and speed to observe the impact they have on other objects. The exhibit consists of a small touch screen from which guests can adjust the size and speed of their asteroid then swipe to launch it into space on the large, themed monitor. Hit space junk, asteroids, and even a celestial body to see the impact asteroids can create!

SPACE PRIMER interactive includes a unique installation of multiple media screens and kiosks containing physical rolling balls that function as controls. Guests can work together to travel further into space, viewing & learning about various Space topics within and beyond our own solar system. Guided by immersive graphics and informative factoids, guests roll their balls to explore the known universe and learn about celestial elements in our galaxy and beyond!

The EM WAVES exhibit is comprised of three different interactives, along with supporting graphics for museum guests to experience and learn about various aspects of solar and cosmic electromagnetic waves.

EM WAVES interactive kiosks allow guests to explore how planets protect themselves from varying magnetospheres of certain planets within our Solar system can protect these planets from various electromagnetic waves coming from the Sun.

A number of small, connected stations spread across the EM WAVES exhibit space invite guests to test their abilities to match the pulse of energy waves.


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