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interactive products


Munster Munch

Munster Munch™ is a frenetic game of skill and playful competition in which players race to feed three famished fiends by slinging snacks before the clock runs out. The game features original characters as well as customization and branding opportunities.



fish school

Fish School is designed to teach about a fish’s adaptation to its aquatic habitat and the conditions necessary for survival. As players guide fish to different areas of the digital tank, the effects of the new environment play out in real-time. This multi-player-friendly exhibit is ideally suited for science centers, museums, zoos, aquariums, visitor centers and other public spaces. 



Wonderfalls is a playful multi-user environment that invites guests to engage with colorful virtual streams falling from above. Guests are projected directly into the scene, where they can move their body to redirect the flows and engage with virtual objects in real-time. By simply moving past the attraction, guests learn the interaction, no instructions or direction necessary! 



formation station

Formation Station is a tactile STEM game that teaches the foundations of chemistry through a series of gamified building challenges. Players assemble molecules using custom-made “tinker toys” representing the building blocks of life: atoms & bonds. 


planet protector

Planet Protector transforms a task that we’re all  too familiar with— tossing away rubbish, into a fun and meaningful sorting challenge.  This multi-player exhibit is designed to teach about recycling, waste management, and sustainability through friendly competitive play. 


touch tiles

Touch Tiles are light-and-music-activated building blocks that transform ordinary structures into unique play surfaces. From musical free play to collaborative games featuring a structured musical landscape, the interactivity Touch Tones offer is endless.  


Target tag

Target Tag immerses participants within a dynamic physical environment using a modular system of targets and handheld devices. Whether giving performers direct control over show moments or functioning as a standalone competitive game or cooperative puzzle, the system can be tailored to fit your experience and facility. 

interactive Tools & technologies


Light Sprites


Light Sprites™ is a sophisticated lighting system that can be integrated into any outdoor or indoor environment to create generative animations and dynamic behaviors. Initially developed to replicate the blinking and flocking behavior of fireflies, the Light Sprites™ ecosystem is scalable and can be used to make magic dust, fire sparks, directional wayfinding, and so much more. One of the key innovative features of Light Sprites™ is its ability to be integrated with environmental sensors, tracking systems, activated props, and other sensing technologies to create responsive guest experiences. 



BabelBox™  is an electronic device developed to ease the difficulty in incorporating a myriad of sensors and control input into simple control and output messages for use in the location-based experience market.



Touch Tiles (hands & feet) 

Touch Tiles are light-up shapes that respond to touch and pressure by hands or feet. Tie them into your existing show control system for a musical installation, special environmental triggers, or helping your guests practice their Billy Jean moonwalk.  However you want to use them, we have you covered. Available in multiple shapes/sizes, waterproof, and daylight readable. 


Gesture Glove & Wristband  

Putting the magic in performers’ hands has always been at the core of b/i’s R&D efforts. Our robust gesture-based show-control system uses minimal sensors to translate performers’ gestures and movement into unforgettable show cues and story moments. 



Diva is our proprietary library of middleware tools that helps us tie guest and performer actions to design and story. Starting in the late 1990's, Diva was developed to be utilized throughout the design and production process, from  rapid prototyping, developing and exploring new ideas in the rehearsal and development phase, and continuing through the final production—triggering and manipulating content in real-time following opening day. Diva is hardware agnostic, allowing us to simply focus on the best tools and methods for solving a given problem.