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we are experience designers & makers

Metal & wood shop for rapid prototyping

Electronics bench for custom sensor
& board assembly, prototyping, & testing

Custom electronics enclosures

Laser cutting & etching


3D printing


CAD drafting


EAGLE PCB design software
for custom circuit boards


Vast assortment of A/V, computing, electronics, and sensing hardware for prototyping & testing


INTERACTION DESIGN: from real-time show control, sensing technology,

to new ways to engage guests with your stories and embrace your brand,

we are the best.

beaudry interactive 


Beaudry Interactive (aka b/i) is an award-winning experiential design and production studio based in Los Angeles. Our work spans themed entertainment, museum exhibitions, live shows, and branded experiences all with a singular mission: provide an environment that actively engages your audience and makes them part of the experience.  


Since 2006 b/i has led the industry in its creative use of technology. We design. 

We code. We build custom electronics. We curate technology across a wide range

of disciplines, and when the tech doesn’t exist, we invent it. Our work includes both bespoke solutions and a vast library of interactive products that are flexibly designed 

to fit your brand and your story. Although zeros and ones make up our DNA, 

the focus of our work is on the experience itself, providing moments that are 

story-driven, immersive, and purposeful.  


Whether you need us to solve a specific problem or to take an idea from concept through installation, Beaudry Interactive is your ideal partner. 




Building: 4500 sq ft

Workshop: 1500 sq ft

Electrical: 110, 220V and 3-phase power

R&D. We curate technology across a wide range of disciplines. And when

the tech doesn’t exist, WE INVENT IT. 


LIBRARY OF INTERACTIVE PRODUCTS flexibly designed to fit our

clients’ brand and product needs.


Expertise in PLAYFUL LEARNING, creating purposeful experiences that

inspire learning and growth through play.


SOFTWARE and HARDWARE DEVELOPMENT: physical computing,

custom CMS and a robust software library geared towards creation of

interactive experiences.


Beaudry Interactive is certified as a SM
(Small Business) by the State of California.   

California Certified 

Small Business


Our in-house expertise enables us to support INTERACTIVE MEDIA needs. Storyboards, Scripts, Visual Design, UX/UI design, Animation and Motion Design, Sound Design and Audio Production.


Time-tested PRODUCING CAPABILITIES. We’ll be with you from

creative design through installation, opening day, and beyond. 

4500 sq. ft. facility for rapid PROTOTYPING and PLAYTESTING

Our design studio is configured to promote collaborative work and
support creative workshops, design sessions, and playtesting.


b/i is a member of the Themed Entertainment Association, the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions, and the American Alliance of Museums.

aam logo.png

b/i is ISNetworld® Certified. the ISN rating ensures safe work compliance, company reliability, and performance across many industries through a transparent vetting process.

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