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Interactive Currents Zone

Carnival Jubilee, Carnival Cruise Line

The Carnival Jubilee marks the debut of Carnival Cruise Line’s newest Excel Class ship which offers some new spaces for guests that are unique to the 6,500-passenger vessel. For this massive project, Carnival partnered with the Beaudry Interactive team to help create a zone-wide interactive experience for the Currents Zone, Carnival’s first interactive space where guests have the power to transform their environment. Diva®—b/i’s innovative behind-the-scenes show control system—was the perfect solution for putting control of the space in the hands of the guests. With Diva®, this immersive underwater-themed zone not only lets guests choose the media to play within zone’s six larger-than-life media screens, they can also activate the entire 2-story deck area by controlling the environmental lighting and the surrounding soundscape. In addition to that, Beaudry Interactive also designed three individual interactives programmed to work together with the system to further the fun and provide new and innovative ways to empower their guests.

Change The Currents:

Beaudry Interactive designed a control kiosk located on Deck 7 that allows guests to change the underwater-themed scenery on the large LED screens. From the kiosk, guests can choose from a selection of environments to immerse themselves with, like scenes of sea lions swimming through a kelp forest, or they can change the media to observe stingrays gliding through colorful coral reef, among a few other choices.

Virtual Aquarium:

At certain times of the day, guests can create their own sea creature through a couple fun and simple options that brings their creations to life. One option is found on the control kiosk, where Carnival guests can design their very own fish that they get to send to a giant virtual aquarium featured on the six large media panels along the atrium. Additionally, b/i created a set of bespoke sea animal templates for kids to draw, color and create on. Once they’re done, guests can scan their creations and send them to the Virtual Aquarium to join the schools of custom-created fishes created by guests of the Currents Zone.

Design a fish at the kiosk...

(Video courtesy of This Cruise Life)

...or scan in your sea creatures and send them to the Virtual Aquarium!


“SoundWaves” is the nighttime show that takes the idea of a jukebox to a whole new level. With this tablet interactive, guests can choose the tune they want to hear as well as set the mood by pairing the song with the digital visual effects they want to see while their track is playing. On top of that, they also get to control the lighting design, transforming the space from one lighting theme to another depending on the preferences of the guest.

The SoundWaves interactive features large-format custom dynamic graphic visualizer animations (also created by the b/i team) which are featured on the LED screens that dance to the beat of the song selected.


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