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Scripture & Science Interactives

Museum of the Bible, Washington, DC

Opened on January 2023, Museum of the Bible's Scripture and Science exhibit dives deep into the complex historical relationship between the Bible and science to discover how biblical beliefs shaped great scientific figures like Galileo Galilei, Dorothy Vaughan, Isaac Newton and more. For this project, Beaudry Interactive teamed up with Storyland Studios to help develop an impressive array of interactive installations that guide guests through an immersive gallery of thought-provoking experiences. Beaudry Interactive provided AV, software development and installation, systems design, and UI design for the interactives listed below:

The facade of Chartres Cathedral interactive is an impressively fabricated base relief of a cathedral door sculpt adorned with details of saints presenting interactive touch points to engage with. Beaudry Interactive provided technical expertise for the kiosk’s touch sensors which trigger different media pieces that can be manipulated by guests.

Imago Dei is a touch table interactive that allows guests to touch various physical objects related to the arts and science. When guests touch an object, a corresponding color and tone on the table displays an oversize projection above them, indicating which part of the brain is utilized during each activity.

Along with the systems design and managing hardware, b/i also created the game engine for the Shuttle Wheel, an interactive where guests use an analog shuttle wheel interface to rotate through different astronomical models of the solar system with a wheel sensor in front of a curved inset video screen.

The God's Temple interactive consists of a large 65” portrait screen displaying facts and other historical details to help inform guests of the four 3D printed scale model cathedrals offered for observation on the kiosk. This installation includes atmospheric audio, and touch buttons that trigger scale architectural overlays for guests to observe the similarities and learn about differences in size and functions of each cathedral.

Doomsday Clock kiosk features a unique circular touch screen that presents guests with a series of thought-provoking questions. Guests learn that answering each question affects which direction the clock arms move. Through the interactive Q&A, guests are offered real-time insight on what percentage of people who visited the kiosk also chose the same answer—demonstrating how individual decisions can contribute to larger social impact as whole. The complete experience also includes a connected projector that shows related content to the Doomsday Clock. For this interactive, b/i provided the UI design and hardware support.

b/i also provided the UI design for the Tech Tree interactive touch screen. Through a large display, this installation allows guests to dive into a wide variety of historical facts about engineers, scientists, inventors and many other influential innovators.


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