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Carnival Frizzante Mural

Carnival Venezia, Carnival Cruise Line

The Frizzante Mural is the centerpiece of a unique bar concept on Carnival Venezia celebrating the joy of bubbly beverages. Carnival Cruise Lines asked Beaudry Interactive to help them design and develop an interactive media wall featured within the bar that would capture the energy of the guests and the music within the space. Centered within the entertainment space, this large digital mural features the name of the bar displayed against an elegant background of Champagne-themed colors with bubbles whimsically swirling in the patterns of your favorite bubbly drinks. Along with this mural being the perfect centerpiece to accentuate the ambiance of the bar, it has a few more surprises in store as it provides bar patrons compelling media design that is reactive to ambient sound levels and background music that fills the space.

For instance, as the number of guests increase along with their volume of conversation, the bubbles react and appear more frequently.

Interactive Bubbles Animation Test

As mentioned, the mural also responds to changes in the Frizzante Bar's background music (BGM), and as the music shifts, the mural's color temperature shifts into fabulous, bubbly-themed color variations—ranging from elegant golden champaign hues to a reminiscent pink Rosé palette, to vibrant Lambrusco-colored reds tones.

Interactive BGM Color Themes & Dynamic Transition Test

BGM Color Transition System (concept)

Bubble-themed Toasting Moments intermittently remind guests to have fun!

Frizzante Video Clip courtesy of YouTube blogger, My Cruising Family


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