Moments of Discovery 

& Character Encounters 


Sesame Street, SeaWorld Orlando  

Orlando, Florida

The ordinary becomes extraordinary on Sesame Street, as a mailbox becomes a portal to a surprise Yip Yip Martian encounter, or a trash can talks to you when you knock on it. This mixed reality environment, coupled with our ability to sense guests’ presence and actions, allows guests to become active participants in stories with their favorite characters from the show, by helping to advance a plot, solve a puzzle, or laugh and sing together.  

Beyond the communication between each interactive and its audience, the interactives are also communicating with each other and the land-wide show system. This network allows a character-based interactive to enter a different mode when characters make an appearance in nearby shows and parades, maintaining the veracity of character moments and the authenticity of the Sesame Street world.  

Read about all the different  Character Encounters and Moments of Discovery throughout Sesame Street at SeaWorld, Orlando in the links below:

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