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Cookie Monster’s

Foodie Truck Challenge   


Cookie Monster and Chef Gonger need your help to find all of the special ingredients 

needed for their custom digital recipes. At the end of each game, you become the chef and can add any of the game’s 24 ingredients, from anchovies to sugar sprinkles, to your very own pizza.   

Nestled between the real culinary food trucks across from the 123 Stoop building, this fast-paced matching game is housed within an authentic full-scale replica of the Foodie Truck featured on Sesame Street. The game play station is wide enough to offer single players

a fun challenge, while multiple families can fit comfortably for cooperative play.  

The game features original video and audio content, written and produced by b/i in

partnership with the Sesame Workshop team and filmed with the cast and production talent from the Sesame Street TV show. b/i also provided post-production for all audio and video media content included in Cookie Monster’s Foodie Challenge.  

Early Learning: Matching, Fine Motor Skills, Life Skills, Problem-Solving, Creativity 

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