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themed entertainment

elmo's window  


Elmo’s apartment comes to life each time you stop by with short show moments that invite you to dance, sing,and play with Elmo and his friends. Elmo entertains guests both on the side and front windows of the 123 Stoop building, creating a dynamic and immersive storytelling canvas that feels new and exciting with each visit.  

Equipped with invisible motion sensors, Elmo knows when a friend has come to say hello and is always ready to pop in and play. The longer you stay, the more Elmo will play with you. Elmo’s windows are always active but sometimes, he and his friends are away doing other things on Sesame Street. Each character-based media interactive communicates with land-wide show control to know when special events, like a parade, are about to begin, allowing characters to make a graceful exit before they appear elsewhere in the land. Unlike the traditional “follow me” activities in children’s television shows, the integration of mechanical props in Elmo’s flowerbox provides guests with opportunities to actively participate in the story and help Elmo achieve a goal or solve a problem. By blowing on a pinwheel or doing the Happy Dance to raise the Happy Meter, Elmo and guests’ worlds collide in a way that is truly unique to location-based entertainment. 

Early Learning: Socio-Emotional Skills, Language, Gross Motor Skills, Imagination & Creativity  

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