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Luminous Terrain™


Luminous Terrain™ is a large, interactive, outdoor, nighttime lighting experience, where intelligent moving lights interact with your guests, immersing them in color and patterns to create fun family entertainment. Guests are immersed in the experience as active participants who use their own actions and movements to determine the outcomes all while playing individually or together as a group. Through a combination of free play and organized game play, Luminous Terrain™  empowers each guest to become a part of the show. In its essence, Luminous Terrain™ is about activation, discovery, empowerment, human interaction and play!

Outdoor and touchless, Luminous Terrain™ provides opportunities for social interaction at a physical distance making it safe during Covid-19.

Proven Technology: River's Edge Park "RAYS" Case Study


Luminous Terrain™  is turnkey and easily updated. Based on Rays at River's Edge Park in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a project developed by Artist Dan Corson, our team designed and installed this experience 8 years ago. It has run on snow, mud, and grass, providing the citizens a continuous source of fun and PLAY. Inspired by Rays, we have developed Luminous Terrain™, a reimagined, new, more dynamic interactive lighting experience that is fully supported by the Luminous Terrain™ team. 

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