Responses can range from large, coordinated moments to individual interactive moments. 

light sprites

What is Light Sprites™ and how does it work?

Light Sprites™  is a sophisticated lighting system that can be integrated into any outdoor or indoor environment. 
What makes Light Sprites truly special is its ability to replicate natural behaviors of fireflies while being aware and responsive to people’s actions and behaviors. 

LS Park Overlay_v3.jpg

Light Sprite systems can be combined to cover larger areas. 

Light Sprites™ Sample Layout

Base Product Specifications

A complete Light Sprites™ system consists of Light Sprites control & distribution set, including:

Controller CPU 


Environmental Sensors

Base Station


Set of 1024 Sprites bundled into 256 4-Sprite clusters with IP67 rated connectors [with or without support structures]**

**Support structures designed for ease of install in landscape ground cover. Support structures are not required for install in trees, shrubs and above ground structures.