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Interactive Play at

Sesame Street Land™   


Sesame Street Land™, SeaWorld Orlando®   

Orlando, Florida


The award-winning Sesame Street Land™ at SeaWorld Orlando® brings the neighborhood of the beloved television show to life like never before. With over a dozen interactive moments to discover, guests can play along with their favorite Sesame Street friends as they explore the show’s iconic set. The approach to the interactives reflects the diverse ways children engage with the world, from digital games and multimedia show moments, to set pieces activated by guests’ touch and presence.  


Designed for families and the series’ core three-to-five-year-old audience, each interactive features one or more early learning objectives, ranging from executive function, motor skills, and early math to imaginative and creative play. In true Sesame Street fashion, all of this learning is cleverly disguised by the brand’s trademark humor and playfulness, reinforcing the brand’s core values of inspiring kids to be smarter, stronger, and kinder with each visit. Encouraging play with respect to all levels of ability, each interactive is compliant with current ADA standards, with specific consideration to the height, reach range, and assisted mobility needs of children in the core 3-5 years old age range.  


As Producer and Designer, b/i’s scope included  concept design, development, programming, fabrication, and installation for all eleven interactives. Our team also partnered with SeaWorld to add a little extra magic to a beloved toy in the parks—the Elmo Interactive Light-Up Bubble Wand. This interactive bubble wand empowers kids to unlock special show moments and hidden features at designated interactive touchpoints throughout the land.  


Interactive Play at Sesame Street has been shortlisted for numerous awards across the design and entertainment industries, including the 2019 IAAPA Brass Ring, the inaugural Producers Guild of America Innovation Award, the 2020 Communication Arts competition, and most recently winning a 2020 Interaction Design Award in the “Engaging” category.

Watch the video above and check out all of our fun interactives in the links  below!

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