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Sony Road Show

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Las Vegas, Paris, London, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Sydney, Tokyo

Every year, Sony Pictures Entertainment sets out on an international tour to market their upcoming titles to potential partners and licensees.  In 2011, we were brought on to create the ultimate live presentation – a cinematic experience on par with their movies to wow the audience. 

Working again with Kreate, Inc. (see Glow Fest, CinemaCon), we created a “world city” to serve as a launching pad for all the Sony titles. The result was a stunning, dynamic visual presentation that was projected onto huge movie screens for Sony’s audience.

Step 1: First we had to build our city.

Step 2: Then we set dressed the city and added animation.

Step 3: Then we re-themed the city for each title. Here are a couple examples:

Step 4:And finally, a bit of theatrics to kick off the show. ('uncooperating' visual spotlights and a digital backdrop that moved with the performer in real-time.

All the different elements and layers of the pre-show and presentation were integrated using our show control software, Diva, to give us the real-time control we needed over all the visual materials.


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