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Discovery Cube Orange County

Santa Ana, California

The game is familiar – use surgical precision and a pair of tweezers to remove bones and organs from your unlucky patient. Touch the hole as you remove the pieces and a loud buzzer goes off. Remove all the pieces without setting of the buzzer and you win!

Beaudry Interactive built this life-sized game board for Discovery Cube’s Spooky Science event. A twist on a classic, with a spooky, squishy soundscape. Diffused color changing LED strips along the sides help visibility in the dark exhibit hall, and color change to bathe the table in red light when the buzzer sounds. For an added touch, if you make a mistake while removing the heart, you get a thumping heartbeat sound.

Rather than a layer of sheet metal, we used a novel conductive paint on the edges of the holes, making the oversized openings in this board free of any sharp edges that might snag curious fingers.


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