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Nintendo 3DS Launch

Nintendo of America

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City

To create even more of a buzz around the launch of their new 3DS game device, Nintendo of America brought in MKTG, Inc. to help with an experiential marketing campaign. Four massive pods were built (shown below) and placed in four cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York).

We were brought in to create some interactive excitement to the four days before the launch before the pods were opened. The pods were sealed during these four days, with no signage or other indication why they were there. As curious bystanders (and potential consumers) would approach the pods, their presence, detected by sensors enbedded behind the shell of the pods, would trigger video and/or audio responses. The responses would change the closer we got to the launch date, revealing more clues as to what was inside the pods.

This was one of the first commercial applications of Diva, our show control software. The software was used to handle the sensing, triggering, sound playback.


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