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LADWP: Appliances

Customer Engagement Lab @ La Kretz Innovation Center

Los Angeles, California

The ‘Appliances’ exhibit was designed to provide a tactile interface for quickly understanding how appliance efficiency directly affects a customer’s costs for power and water consumption.  

The guest experience begins in front of a dimensional two-story 1:4 scale house model, constructed to seamlessly integrate with an embedded digital display. The simple digital interface provides users useful information for cost-saving solutions. Guests interact with the exhibit by easily swapping eight electric and water elements within the model home. Each of the eight elements were developed in two variants, to demonstrate energy differences between moderate and high-efficiency appliances.  

The exhibit experience extends to a touch-display  which highlights both “inefficient” energy or water use, as well as costs and savings associated with each “more-efficient” elements. Immediate visual responses allow visitors to observe how their choices can directly impact the bottom line. The digital display also contains information designed to work in tandem with the surrounding exhibit messaging, (such as money saving tips).

About the Customer Engagement Lab

LADWP’s Customer Engagement Lab at the La Kretz Innovation Center tells the story of how the nation’s largest municipal utility is working to provide a sustainable and reliable source of water and power to its customers now and in the future. Visitors will learn how they can partner with LADWP to make their homes and workplaces more water and energy efficient. 

Located in the LA’s Arts District, the Lab welcomes a broad range of visitors, from school groups and students learning about utilities, customers investigating water and energy efficiency programs, and government officials who shape our policies, to engineers gathering innovative ideas and technologies.


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