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Helicopter Tour

Discovery Cube Orange County

Santa Ana, California

Take an exciting flight over the beautiful and historic Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks.  At the Discovery Cube in Orange County, visitors step into a virtual helicopter, where they are transported over stunning natural landscapes of nationally recognized biological and geological diversity.  Biodiversity hotspots such as Limestone Canyon, Bommer Canyon, and Crystal Cove are presented in Ultra-HD aerial views, inside the perfectly themed virtual cockpit.

The 14’ tall, wrap-around screen engages guests, with an arc encompassing 150°.  Three state of the art laser projectors combine to fill the screen, their images overlapped and blended to provide a seamless larger-than-life display. Beaudry Interactive designed the software that slices the high res video into three HD pieces and synchronizes playback across the multiple projectors.  b/i  also installed a touchscreen computer, running custom show control software, which allows museum staff to easily control the show with less than five minutes of training.

Narration, music, and sound design are presented in surround, with a custom 10.1 speaker system specified and tuned by b/i.    Tactile transducers (aka. Butt Kickers) mounted in the seats provide serious oomph, and give the sensation of a real helicopter taking flight.


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