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Twentieth Century Fox

Colosseum, Las Vegas, NV

Each year, movie studios come to CinemaCon in the Spring to market their upcoming films to movie theater owners. Simply showing previews is not enough, so the Twentieth Century Fox(TCF) studio executives bring together a team of event producers, choreographers, and designers to assist with creating unforgettable presentations.

Since 2012 we have worked with the studio and the event producers to create immersive & engaging experiences. We start with the creation of a “wow” moment right at the entrance to the venue with some clever projection mapping and continue inside the venue with a multi-projector presentation that immerses the audience in TCF’s cinematic world. These theatrical moments range from a multi-screen DJ remix of the Peanuts theme for it’s first theatrical release, to animation and projection for a high-energy samba dance number for Rio 2, to bringing to life Ang Lee’s concept art for Life of Pi over a 150’ by 70’ projection surface. Lobby moments have featured a Vegas-style slot machine of spinning movie posters, Ben Stiller’s pivotal moment as he runs out of the iconic Life Magazine lobby to embark on his adventure in Life of Walter Mitty, and blinking tiger eyes that watch as you enter the venue for Life of Pi.

We develop and oversee all media, animation, projection design, as well as software development for their stage presentations and entrance experience. TCF’s presentation has been voted the best Studio presentation at CinemaCon for each of our past four years.


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