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Carnival Travel Posters

Carnival Celebration, Carnival Cruise Line

Beaudry Interactive was tasked by Carnival’s New Builds team to create a set of bespoke, living travel posters for The Gateway—a fun-filled zone within Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship, Carnival Celebration.

Taking inspiration from the excitement and social nature of travel, these posters highlight destinations guests can voyage to on Carnival Cruise Lines. Stick around long enough, and one might discover that not all posters are what they seem. A beautiful scene can come to life through animated moments of surprise and delight. b/i worked closely with Carnival to establish the narrative focus and visual priorities for the art. Depicted through the style of illustrated vintage travel posters, each piece was designed to meet the challenges of complimenting the Gateway’s surrounding art deco-themed environment, being relevant to Carnival’s marketing goals and infusing the company’s brand identity through the design. The posters depict the essence of travel, celebrates the places Carnival has visited, and expresses the anticipation of journeys across the globe. Each poster also holds a small easter egg that relates to a fun fact about Carnival cruises for those in the know.

The Gateway travel posters are a mix of large-format traditional graphic prints, as well as digital posters showcasing various animation modes that transform the static art into a dynamic visual experience, offering guests within the surrounding lounge area a visual treat as the artwork magically comes to life.


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