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Win, Lose, or Draw

Disney Channel

In 2013, the Disney Channel decided to give a high-tech makeover to a classic game show from the 80’s. The contemporary version of ‘Win, Lose, or Draw’ would ditch the drawing pad to deliver a high-energy game featuring interactive multi-touch screens that double up as cameras, motion control illustrations and fun challenges. Problem: none of this technology existed for a live TV show at the time. That’s where we came in.

Beaudry Interactive was hired as Technical Consultants to create and integrate the technology that the executive producers envisioned for the show. We were responsible for all production R&D, as well as design and fabrication of custom multi-touch displays with embedded cameras to give that coveted heads-on shot as the contestants drew on the displays, and a "magic wand" that translated what the kids drew in the air to a screen behind them for their teammates to see.

The show premiered January, 2014 and is syndicated around the world.

The video below shows the final tests of the touch display with embedded camera just prior to shooting. Check out Disney Channel's YouTube page to see the surfaces and wand in action.


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