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TECO Clean Energy Center

Tampa, Florida

Beaudry Interactive teamed up with Tampa Electric Company (TECO) and Basemint Creative to develop three interactive experiences for the TECO Clean Energy Center which opened in November 2021. The interactives give guests of all ages the opportunity to engage with simulations of the real systems that make up the present day power grid and discover how it will change in a sustainable future.

Energy Explorer

Three interactive kiosks encourage guests to explore the Clean Energy Center campus, leading them to waypoints marked with educational signage. Upon returning to the kiosks, guests can test their newfound knowledge with a quiz and get certified as a TECO Energy Explorer!

Flower Power

This interactive gives guests the opportunity to control a digital version of the solar flower featured in the Clean Energy Center. Using buttons on the touchscreen, guests can aim the digital solar flower at the sun to collect solar energy and power a home. Within two minutes guests engage with the variable efficiency of solar panels and the use of flow batteries in a modern sustainable grid.


Using their own strength, guests can race against their friends and family to power up a room full of electronic devices! Three custom cycles, fitted with embedded sensors, allow guests to transfer their movement into energy that powers their way from level to level.


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