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Sesame Place Interactives

Sesame Place San Diego, Chula Vista, California

“Dream team! Congrats and looking forward to future work together!”

- Michelle Kreher, Director, Global Themed Entertainment at Sesame Workshop

“Such a wonderful experience working with the Beaudry Interactive team. An incredibly talented group creating truly magical experiences!”

- Diane Benedict, Vice President of Entertainment, Sesame Place Philadelphia, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Sesame Place San Diego is the West Coast's first Sesame Street theme park. The park opened to the public in March 2022, and is only the second theme park of its kind. Sesame Place San Diego project follows the success of the award-winning interactives developed by Beaudry Interactive for Sesame Street Land™ at SeaWorld® Orlando. Thanks to the innovative magic of b/i, families visiting the Sesame Street neighborhood at Sesame Place San Diego get to play in a world that plays back!

Bike Shop Tricycle Challenge

Play a game at the Neighborhood Bike Shop. In this innovative, hands-free game, players use their body to control a virtual tricycle. It’s a race against the clock to collect all the numbers and avoid obstacles while cruising the bike lanes of an 8-bit recreation of the Sesame Street Neighborhood.

Two-Headed Monster Pipe Telephone

A perfect game for families to play together, watch Two-Headed Monster’s hilarious reactions as players use the pipe telephones to hear their voices transform to sound like a friendly monster. This fun interactive features original video content written and produced in partnership with Sesame Workshop, filmed with the cast and production talent from the Sesame Street TV show. b/i provided post-production for all audio and video media content for all Sesame interactives. For the two-headed monster, don’t forget to unlock some hidden surprises and cameos with your Interactive Light-up Bubble Wand!

Elmo's Window

Elmo’s bedroom window comes to life with special show moments that allows guests to actively participate in stories and play, dance, and sing with Elmo and his friends! What makes this experience unique is that Elmo only comes out to play when guests approach his window.

Bert and Ernie's Doorbell

Ring the doorbell at Bert and Ernie’s apartment to hear some fun responses from our favorite duo. Tapping the Interactive Light-up Bubble Wand activates different modes like the infamous Rubber Ducky song, sung by Ernie himself!

Sesame Street Apartment Intercom

Follow the pattern and press the apartment number buttons in the correct order to hear funny messages from Grover, Rosita, Abby Cadabby, and more. Need some help? No worries! The Count is there to give some helpful advice.


Use touchscreens on the washing machines to pop digital bubbles and figure out what kind of items are in the wash. With over 40 unique items to wash, this playful matching game features recognizable clothing items from favorite Sesame Street characters, such as Bert’s striped shirt, Abby’s fairy dress, and even Super Grover’s cape.

Oscar’s Trash Can

Whatever you do, Don’t knock on Oscar’s Trash Can! But if you dare, it’s probably one of the few moments in your life you’ll be grinning ear to ear when someone (or some monste!r) tells you to Scram!

Interactive Light-Up Bubble Wand

The popular Interactive Light-Up Bubble Wands magically unlocks special features and interacts with Sesame Street's environment to enhance the guest experience around the neighborhood. With the wand’s added capabilities, b/i has helped enhance the interactives through fun and cost-effective activations that have also contributed to retail upsell opportunities.


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