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Pop the bubbles in the Sesame Street Laundromat washing machines to find out what’s washing inside. As the bubbles clear, three category buttons appear, inviting guests to guess which one matches the item in their washer. A correct selection refills the washer with bubbles and it’s time to start all over again. This playful matching game features recognizable clothing items from favorite Sesame Street characters, such as Bert’s striped shirt, Abby’s fairy dress, and even Super Grover’s cape.  


With over 40 unique items to wash, this play-at-your-own-pace game allows players to stay as long as they’d like and keeps young ones (and the young at heart) engaged. while families shop at the adjacent Hooper’s retail store. Laundry time has never been so much fun! 

Early Learning: Matching, Categorization, Fine Motor Skills, Life Skills, Problem Solving  

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