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Discovery Cube Orange County

Santa Ana, California


Does a trout like his streams warm and murky, or cold and clear?  Can an angler fish venture out of the crushing ocean depths?  Interactively answer these questions with this virtual aquarium.  A 78 inch Ultra High Definition display, provides a fish’s eye view into a variety of aquatic habitats.  This “tank” comes filled with 3D models of barracuda, salmon, trout, anglers, and other fishes that are rendered and animated in real-time.  Using touch, guests guide fish between different pressure layers and temperature barriers, to see how they respond to new environmental conditions and learn what makes these fish go swimming for home!


Realistic 3D graphics are rendered in real time, with lush environments and detailed swimming animations.  The large screen is at just the right height for early learners, and the custom touch sensitive frame allows lots of little hands to play at once.


Beaudry Interactive programmed a custom game engine and combined the latest technology in multi-touch hardware and software, with a top quality off the shelf big screen display.  This creates an experience that the typical tablet simply can’t, well, touch.


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