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Adventure Lab 


The Crayola Experience

Easton, PA, Orlando, FL and Dallas, TX


The Crayola Adventure Lab is an adventure into a mixed-up reality. Guests enter Crayola’s R&D Lab where Crayola’s latest magical inventions are dreamed up and made a reality. The guests were initially visiting the Adventure Lab to take a tour, but there’s a problem – the Tips, the keepers of the lab, got a little carried away while the boss was away. 


The Tips have setup residence and are, in general, causing a great deal of mayhem in the Lab and have decided to create a game of sorts to challenge the guests. Guests must use their creativity in problem solving and gameplay to master the Tips’ challenges and restore the Lab to this proper condition.


Guests are sent on 3 of 15 challenges per turn, and are empowered to do their work with the help of a special tablet. The tablet is their bridge between the physical lab itself and the virtual world the Tips inhabit and will help the guests cross the divide between these two worlds. Proximity sensors in the tablet and embedded throughout the lab help guide the guests to their challenges. Need to clean up a glowing liquid mess? Don’t touch! Instead use the digital sponge on your tablet to mop up the mess and watch it disappear in the lab bench, then pour the collected fluid using your tablet and see it fill up the physical containment vat on the bench. Use a custom microfiche tray to search for tip characters hidden in digital “historic moments” photographs. Restore a painting after an unfortunate sneeze by one of the Tips. Resupply the crayon factory by tossing digital chunks of wax passing on a conveyor belt on your tablet into the correct vats and watch the physical vats on the bench fill with every successful toss. And so much more!


Beaudry Interactive took the experience from initial concept through installation. We were responsible for all gameplay design & development, graphics, animations, sensing & electronics, as well as story. The Lab is currently installed at 3 Crayola Experience Locations in Easton, PA, Orlando, FL and Dallas, TX.

Watch the video below to see the Attractions Magazine team explore Crayola's Adventure Lab!

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