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branded experiences & space activation
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Interactive Wayfinding
& content management


The Music Center Plaza and Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles, California


A New Way of Wayfinding

As part of the Los Angeles Music Center’s 20-month reimagining of the historic campus’s plaza, Beaudry Interactive designed three new interactive welcome screens to engage visitors as they arrive to The Music Center (TMC). Whether it’s your first visit to the plaza or a regular coffee stop on your way to the office, the interactive welcome screens have tons of helpful and captivating content to discover. 


Located in the Lisa Specht Welcome Center and within the Walt Disney Concert Hall, these 6’x 3’5” interactive screen stations do so much more than act as a traditional wayfinding and informational tool. One of the central goals of this project was to turn The Music Center inside out, giving visitors a view into TMC’s deep and storied connections to the greater Angelino and arts communities, as well as providing access to the expansive variety of programming and activities the campus has to offer. The interactive screens act as your concierge to the plaza, orienting guests to the grand buildings surrounding them and to the new dining and recreational opportunities throughout the plaza and neighboring Grand Park. Recently named the “fifth venue” of The Music Center, the plaza welcome screens have the ability to transform into a vast artistic canvas, creating yet another exciting destination for visitors to delight in The Music Center’s fantastic art partnerships. 


Campus-Wide Content Management 

From hundreds of events across four Resident Companies and its own programming, to seasonally-changing menus and an ever-growing timeline of historical milestones, the content management tool behind The Music Center’s interactive wayfinding screens allows The Music Center staff to seamlessly curate and push updated content to screens across the campus as soon as it becomes available. 

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