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Valeria Beaudry

Valeria Beaudry


Valeria blends art and science in her career and her personal life, and that mix feeds and informs her passion for all things that are elegantly designed, be it fine art, museum exhibits, architectural structures, interactive systems, or theatrical events. Originally educated as a chemist, Valeria has enjoyed an eclectic career since coming to the U.S. from Russia in 1993. She is sought after as a business consultant, project manager, and strategist, and has worked with variety of companies including Ernst & Young, Mattel, Warner Music Group and Disney. Soon after the company’s founding, she became a Principal at Beaudry Interactive, quickly applying her expert project management and problem-solving skills to technical design and creative principles. Her unconventional thinking and diverse background have been invaluable in designing and developing the extraordinary experiences Beaudry Interactive has been a part of.

With over 20 years of practical experience in managing complex projects, Valeria possesses a keen understanding of the key processes and components of complex, multi-faceted projects, and from conception to completion, ensures excellence in execution. As a producer Valeria provides overall project oversight and orchestrates the creative, technological, and physical design aspects of the company’s diverse projects.

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