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Current Intern: Arielle Goldberg

Internship duration: Summer 2021

Arielle is a game developer who recently graduated from Cornell University with an M.P.S. in Information Science. Prior to that, she also received a B.S. from Cornell University in Computer Science with minors in Game Design and Music. She is interested in the intersection of art and technology, specifically with an application to themed entertainment, and she loves to use novel technology to create immersive interactive experiences. Outside of themed entertainment, Arielle loves to play ultimate frisbee, go on hikes, and play her ukulele.

Arielle's GitHub can be found here.

Intern: Mar Ferreri

Internship duration: Summer 2018 - Summer 2019

Mar is an interaction designer and writer graduated from the University of Southern California. They have worked on several projects in the interactive and themed entertainment industries, including alternate reality games (ARGs), escape rooms, museums, and video games. They are primarily interested in creating interactivity for physical spaces and challenging the norms of traditional entertainment. At Beaudry Interactive, Mar has contributed as a content developer, programmer, and researcher. You can find them on Twitter, their preferred social media, as @ShuuBetterRun.


Expect to encounter lots of wordplay and bad puns. Their portfolio website is over at


Current Intern: Intern: Alison Yanacek

Internship duration: Summer 2021

Alison is a designer and artist who recently graduated from California State University-Long Beach(CSULB) with a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Design. Originally from the Bay Area she moved to Southern California thinking she would pursue a career in medicine, but her creative side kept calling. Thankfully, she stumbled upon industrial design, which blended her passion for creativity and technical problem solving, and has not looked back since. In fall 2021 she will be returning to CSULB to obtain her Master's degree in Human Experience and Design Interactions.


In her free time Alison enjoys painting, paddle boarding, and practicing yoga. More of her work can be viewed at 

Intern: John Manos

Internship duration: Summer 2019

John is a themed entertainment designer finishing his final year at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) pursuing a B.F.A. in production design. Primarily interested in interactive spaces and environments, his work often encompasses elements of both architecture and scenic design. His recent work can be seen at the Welcome screens in the new LA Music Center Plaza .


In addition to his themed entertainment work, he also enjoys illustration and model-making. John is a visual experience design intern at b/i and creates content for interactive projects and user interfaces. 


For more of his work, vist

Jiaying is a talented scenic designer and visual artist who recently graduated from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) and is pursuing a career in immersive theater. She excels in mixed media, production design and design research. 

During her internship for b/i, Jiaying assisted with visual designs for the interactives at LADWP,  Infinity Falls and Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld, Orlando, 

More of Jiaying's work can be seen here.

Intern: Jiaying Wang 

Internship duration: Spring 2018 , Spring 2019

If you are interested in an internship with b/i, please feel free to submit your application at:

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