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Jim Botko

Jim Botko

Business Development

As b/i’s Strategy and Business Development exec, Jim is tasked with finding new opportunities to unleash Beaudry’s design and tech creative into theme parks, resorts, brand experiences and FECs. He brings creative development and business contacts honed over 30 years in the entertainment space.

For the first half of his career, Jim developed and oversaw production on low budget films and Movies for Television. This included 2 years in the MOW department of the nascent FOX Network and then 10 years at WBTV as VP Movies and Miniseries. He then transitioned into developing and acquiring live events for Pay Per View consolidator InDemand which ultimately lead him to producing game play trailers and TV spots for major video game publishers as co-head of the game division at Hammer Creative. Notable titles he helped launch include God of War, Arkham Asylum, and Assassins Creed. After 10 years at Hammer, he started working with the award winning animation team at Axis Studios, to help them expand their creative work in video games, TV series and Theme Parks.

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