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Much of the work at Beaudry Interactive is project-based. We conceive, design and develop unique location-based experiences for theme parks and attractions, cultural and art centers, and educational institutions. We also collaborate with other companies while providing our technical expertise and know-how. Our creative and technical projects can be of varying scale, complexity and media sensitivity, often with overlapping deadlines and running in parallel, with many projects requiring tight coordination with our clients, collaborators and freelancers.






Beaudry Interactive (aka b/i) is an award-winning experiential design studio based in Los Angeles with a healthy foundation in interaction design and the creative use of technology in placemaking, storytelling, and education. We conceive, design, and develop unique location-based experiences for themed entertainment, museum exhibitions, live shows, and branded experiences all with a singular mission: provide an environment that actively engages your audience and makes them part of the experience. This is an opportunity to become part of that team. 


If you are a creative tinkerer and a hacker at heart, and have the skills to match, you may find a home at Beaudry Interactive. We are seeking a creative technologist based in Los Angeles to support our production and R&D efforts.  




An important part of interaction design is the ability to quantify what people are doing. Being able to sense the world around us, process that information, then generate meaningful responses in the moment is tantamount to the work b/i is known for. This position is to assist the company’s efforts in physical computing and creative applications of technology. This includes sensor technology and design (digital and analog), microcontroller programming, electro-mechanical interfaces, wired and wireless communication, identification, tracking, and whatever else is required to make connections between the physical and digital worlds. 

The Creative Technologist will report directly to the Company’s Principal. Responsibilities include: 

  • Assisting with sensor design and research; 

  • Microcontroller programming; 

  • Circuit board design and assembly; 

  • Assisting with software development on various Windows platforms as required (e.g., C/C++/C#/Python/Java); 

  • Assisting with research and application of various interaction design approaches and techniques; 

  • Rapid prototyping and testing; 

  • Research and production support for b/i’s projects as needed. 



We understand that many people come to this field from many different backgrounds, disciplines, and training. The diversity of experiences is what makes the field so interesting. The list below is meant to serve as a guide to the type of qualifications and experience we are looking for. No one will check all the boxes, but we do expect some expertise in more than a few of the areas mentioned below.




  • College degree or comparable work experience, with specialization in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, entertainment technology, or a related field. 

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience (in a formal or informal setting) with:  

  • Development with popular microcontroller boards for use in sensor systems, wireless communication, networking, sound, lighting, animatronics, or other technologies. 

  • Working with a variety of electrical equipment including oscilloscopes, multi-meters, laboratory power supplies, soldering tools, and wire/cable assembly tools. 

  • Experience with digital and analog circuit design. 

  • Must be able to design and prototype reliable circuits and electronics. 

  • Microcontroller knowledge (Arduino, Raspberry PI) is a must. 

  • Experience programming in C, C++, Python, and/or Java is a must.  

  • Experience programming in Cycling 74’s Max multimedia programming environment a definite plus.  

  • Experience with beacon, Bluetooth, RFID, and other wireless identification systems a strong asset. 

  • Experience with the OpenCV (computer vision) libraries a big plus. 

  • Proficiency in Eagle PCB design software a must. 

  • Proficiency in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and/or Fusion360 a plus. 

  • Proficient with MS Office Suite (e.g., Word, Excel, Powerpoint). 

  • Experience with versioning software (e.g., Git) a plus. 



  • Capable of troubleshooting and fixing electronics in a timely manner.  

  • Be able to understand and use custom electronic systems and software developed in-house.  

  • Ability to work well under pressure, adhere to tight deadlines and follow guidelines, processes, and schedules. 

  • An ability to keep work stations in an organized and clean state at all times.  

  • Self-motivated and independent.  

  • Experience balancing multiple tasks at once. 

  • Willing to take on tasks unrelated of electronics and/or learn new things.  

  • Be able to use Production Workshop equipment, including CNC machines, 3D printers, laser cutters, solder reflow ovens, as well as standard tools for wood and metal prototyping. 


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for effective communication internally, with vendors, and with company’s partners; 

  • Broad knowledge applicable to the company’s fields of activity; 

  • Creative problem solver with a curious and innovative mindset, open to new ideas through research and experimentation; 

  • Collaborative, adaptable, and open to receiving design feedback, as well as comfortable with incorporating feedback in an iterative process; 

  • Able to adapt to changing work situations and to understand and apply new ideas; 

  • Desire to be part of a tight-knit team united by passion to innovate, experiment and create; 

  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills.  

  • Proactive, and capable of working with minimal supervision to reach project objectives. 


  • Work will be on-site at b/i’s location in North Hollywood. 

  • Must be able to travel and provide on-site support for projects. 

  • Willing to work on the weekends when needed. 

  • Reliable, high speed home Internet connection for telecommuting. 

  • Some travel may be required. 




Please send a resume and cover letter to jobs@binteractive.com
Please include links to portfolio and/or past projects, including roles and responsibilities in each.  

Beaudry Interactive is an Equal Opportunity  employer.